Domo Arigato Mr Roboto

Mutated Manticores and More

or...why am i glowing at night?

Following the lead on Dawana the missing person sought by the Torch townsfolk, leads the party to a clockwork facility. Figuring out the intricate clockwork lock to enter the facility, the party is confronted by security, a Junk Golem. A protracted battle with the golem, who is immune to magic, has damage resistance, and can assume swarm form, eventually ends with the party victorious. Turns out it was Dawana’s pet, but she doesn’t hold grudges, and agrees to return to Torch once the main baddies, the Hellions, in the current town are dispatched/fired. The party needs to accumulate enough street cred to displace these dudes. ON that path, the party takes on a radioactive, mutated manticore that has been plaguing the area. Buffed to the hilt, with delay poison able to delay the effects of the radiation attacks of the beast, and surviving the obscurement/concealment from the dust cloud stirred up the by the flying nuclear reactor, the party eventually drives him off.

Exploring a haunted spaceship wreck, awaits the party next.


Loot 250 gp
+1 battleaxe
cold iron dagger
EMP Pistol with 9 charges

XP 1200

Mutated Manticores and More

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