Domo Arigato Mr Roboto

this place is a (space) wreck i smell a rat?

On the way to the haunted spaceship wreck, the party encounters rat folk of the gang Redtooth, fighting some straggler Smiley Gang members. Jumping to the aid of the ratfolk, the party is invited back to meet Redtooth, the leader of the gang, who offers an alliance with the party to defeat the Hellions, and the party is tasked with retrieving some explosives from the shipwreck, to be used in a dual attack on the Hellions. Arriving at the spaceship, the party navigates through a misty area with fear inducing poltergeists. Fortunately for the rogue and magus androids in the party, they are immune to fear effects. Making their way into the ship, the party finds 3 Silex cannisters of explosives in a cargo hold, while dodging poltergeist fear and thrown attacks. Defeating a will o wisp, and two skeletons in spacesuits, they make their way to the bridge, where the captain awaits…now a wraith, he attacks, damaging and draining constitution, while taking half damage and having a 50% miss chance. After many misses, the party defeats him, and heads back to Redtooth, taking various tech items with them.


1,400 xp per. 21,350 xp total per character.

timeworn mind burner
red scatterlight suit
envoy’s mouthpiece
skillslot w ? chip
inhibitor facet
timeworn grenade launcher 14 charges
timeworn emergency beacon
timeworn emergency shelter
timeworn emergency raft
concussion grenade X3
space suits X4

this place is a (space) wreck

1955 gp per char after selling junky items.

this place is a (space) wreck

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